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Get The Pilkington Clear Advantage

Clear Advantage's heat reducing, high-performance windshields give you unmatched value and comfort by providing:

Verify that you get authentic Pilkington product installed your vehicle
Review the "Bug" on your automotive glass to verify you've had authentic Pilkington glass installed
Look for the following Department Of Transportantion (DOT) codes, the Pilkington name, or both for verification
DOT15 - DOT177 - DOT682 - DOT404 - DOT23 - DOT247

Solar Control Performance

Our coated windshields reflect more than 30% of the sun's damaging rays
Increased protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays helps to prevent damage to your skin and eyes
More protection for your car's dashboard, seats, and and other interior finishes
Clear Advantage EZ-Kool technology combined with an solor absorbing innerlayer can reduce interior heat by up to 40F