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Windshield Safety Checklist

Why Should You be Concerned About Safety

when getting your windshield replaced?

Today's windshield does more than keep the rain, wind and bugs out while providing good visibility... It is an engineered system performing critical functions in the design of your vehicle. * Keeps passengers safe
* part of the airbag system
* provides roof-crush resistance
* prevents passenger ejection

* Provides aesthetics and comfort
* contour shapes
* tinted and solar control glass
* built-in antennas
* defogging and defrosting

* Increases visibility
* large glass parts with precise, complex bends

Getting a new windshield in your car can be as simple as making one phone call...

Just be sure the auto glass company you choose understands and follows the federal safety standards for auto glass installation.

Mikes Auto Glass guarantees you of a safe and properly installed windshield because we follow those procedures and acknowledge them in our Windshield Checklist for your convenience.
* Use Approved installation techniques
* Use Proper Adhesives
* Follow Cold weather installation guidelines
* Adhere t- "Safe Drive-away" Times

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