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Proper auto glass installation

Proper auto glass installation is the key to your safety! The passenger side airbag uses the windshield as a "backstop" in deployment. If the windshield doesn't hold, the airbag has nothing to brace itself against, and it pushes outside the vehicle instead of remaining inside the car to work the way it was designed. Thus, the windshield MUST withstand the force of the airbag and remain in place. Proper glass installation is imperative for this to occur! In addition, your car's windshield supports the vehicle's roof in the case of an accident that involves a roll-over.

Several factors contribute to a proper windshield installation:
* Quality of the windshield
* Quality of the urethane adhesive, primers and activators
* Condition of the metal of the frame, the paint primer, and the body paint
* Knowledge, experience, expertise and thoroughness of the technician

OEM adhesive products are equally important to a safe windshield installation. Some of our competitors use low-grade urethanes that are not recommended by the vehicle's manufacturer. Mikes Auto Glass uses a more expensive OEM urethane due to its reliability and strength to help ensure a quality and safe installation!

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