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My windshield is leaking. Can you just replace the seal or pug the leak?

We do fix leaking windshields installed by other companies. However, we suggest that you contact the glass company that provided the original service and attempt to have them take care of the problem at no cost first.

If they cannot or will not remedy the situation, we will do what we can, but be advised that to do so may require extensive labor or even a new windshield. You may be surprised that we usually can't simply squirt in some sealant to patch up the leak. However, in order to create a proper bond we need to remove the leaking windshield in order to inspect the surface to determine what is causing the leak.

There are a number of reasons why a windshield may leak -- the number one cause being rust -- a result of cutting corners and improper installation procedures by other glass companies. In addition, bad urethane placement, too little adhesive, uneven placement of urethane, lack of primers or any combination of these and other factors can also result in vehicle leaks. The bottom line is that the windshield needs to be properly inspected before a solution to the problem can be determined.

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